Life Recap: It’s Been Awhile. We got ENGAGED & Bachelorette Festivities!

It is crazy how quickly time goes by. One day its March and in the blink of an eye its suddenly July! So much has happened! Here is a fun recap with photos. 🙂

Kyle PROPOSED in April!! It was seriously one of the best days ever! How he did it is such a fun story. It starts a few months before April when he was ring shopping. He couldn’t find anything that was similar to previous rings I had shown him (hint, hint boyfriend! LOL) so he found a company in Chicago and had my ring SPECIALLY made just for me! It is a rose gold band with small diamonds and the main stone is morganite. It is gorgeous and I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect ring. He held onto the ring for an entire month waiting for the perfect timing. I can’t believe how long he kept it all a secret and how good he was at keeping his mouth shut! 😉

The week he proposed he had told me on Monday that he wanted to get out of town during the weekend and had me choose any hike. I chose Icicle Ridge in Leavenworth, WA. We headed out early on Saturday because it is about a 2.5 hour drive from Seattle to Leavenworth. We got to the trail head and, to be honest, it was nothing too exciting. A boring hillside and most everything was still dead from the winter. We pressed on though! The hike was a great workout and as we got to the very top suddenly we were on top of a mountain overlooking the Wenatchee National Forest! It was absolutely breathtaking! There was even snow at the top where we were! Kyle then said he wanted to get a good family photo (us and our dogs) with the GoPro he borrowed and all I could think was that this was going to be the best family photo EVER because of how gorgeous the views were. He set the GoPro up in the snow and I tried to wrangle the dogs. As I was wrangling them he said “THEY DON’T MATTER” (lol), and as he walked over and turned to me he suddenly said my full name and I suddenly realized what was happening! He got down on one knee and proposed and I was absolutely shocked! Of course I said YES and cried and let me tell you it just could not have been any more perfect. Even looking back now that whole day was so surreal. I was so ecstatic and so was he.We headed back down the trail and announced the engagement to my parents and then of course Social Media. 😉


Fast forward to June and almost the end of wedding planning since we set our date for 7/7/2017. My girlfriends put together a fun Bachelorette weekend in the city. Friday we all took the day off work and went out kayaking on Lake Union and then to some bars for drinks and snacks and had the most wonderful day. Saturday night we all dressed up fancy and went out for drinks and dinner and then we went to a fun lounge called Nectar to catch an 80’s cover band performing. It was SO much fun! I love my girlfriends. Some of the best!


In the midst of all of this I also started a new job! It was a much needed change and I am really enjoying life a lot more all around these days. 🙂 I am going to do a separate wedding post because there is too much to fit it all here! The past few months have been so busy and so many life changes have happened. It was crazy while it was happening and looking back at everything I just typed I am reminded once again of how quickly  time goes. I think it is so important to soak in every single minute of every single day. What a great last couple of months it has been!



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