About Me


I am a twenty something (for limited time only) living, running and eating in Seattle, Washington. I love living in the great pacific northwest and I love this city!

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and was mostly a tomboy. When I was just about into middle school I started working for a family friend on her farm doing chores and in return she would give me horseback riding lessons. I rode western and learned some natural horsemanship techniques. In the beginning of high school I switched to english riding and started learning how to jump! I worked for the barn I was getting lessons at and eventually had my own horses! I LOVED every single minute of every single day I ever spent with horses or in a barn. I had to start giving it up in my late teens though as I was becoming more involved with other things in life (i.e. school, clothes and boys). This is where running comes into play.

I started running to fill the free time I had from not being at the barn. I had too much energy. I also thought it would be a good idea to start running because my boyfriend and I at the time were spending a lot of time at Red Robin eating burgers and a lot of baskets of bottomless french fries. 😉

Running at first was just something to pass the time and get exercise. Overtime though it changed. I started to love it as much as I had loved horses. I started doing races and with each race I trained for and completed I loved running more and more. It became my mental and physical outlet, my new passion to replace the void where horses once were, and my favorite way to exercise.

I moved to Seattle from Portland, Oregon in May 2015 and I haven’t looked back. I love living here. I am excited to see where this chapter in life takes me and I started this blog to document every moment possible.