SPRING at last! Running, Racing and Sunday things.

I don’t know about you, but I was literally counting down the days until spring. We had a very particularly dreary winter here in The Great Pacific Northwest and I was OVER it. We had enough rain in October to last us the ENTIRE year and we had exactly 5 days of pure sun from October through the first day of spring. FIVE days, you guys. I was dying. Anyways, the first day of spring greeted us with this gorgeous sunrise (and then more rain for the rest of the day):


Hello, Spring! #nofilter

I was cleared to get back to running the beginning of March, but came down with a cold. I ran twice that week. It was glorious, despite being sick. Last week I was able to run three times. This week was my first full week back and I ran FOUR times, and one of those times included a half marathon on the trails at Dash Point State Park. I signed up on a whim with a friend (despite only having ran about six times before the race after my one and a half month break, haha). It was a long training run for her and we both just wanted to have fun. It was a great race and the trails at Dash Point State Park are glorious! We lucked out with AH-MAZ-ING weather! Sunshine and in the 50’s! Doesn’t get much better than that for early spring running here in Washington state. We were most certainly not the fastest, but that wasn’t the point. We had a great time and finished and felt awesome. I was super happy because after a long break and not running much before the half marathon the trails actually felt super easy. Looks like my body doesn’t forget all the hard work and training I was doing almost two months ago as quickly as I thought it would. 🙂 P.S. This is NOT my most flattering picture, but I don’t care. 🙂

BTW this was my friends first 1/2 marathon. She has only been running since last June and is training for her very first marathon for her one year run-niversary! She has done pretty much all distances except the marathon between then and now, and a lot of them on crazy trails with her husband (who is a sponsored trail running athlete). She is a total badASS!

Ashley & Alicia Dash Point Half Marathon 3-25-17

13.1 miles and 1100ft of elevation later: feeling great!

I am feeling good today except for my ankle being sore. That is what I expected though. I can’t wait for my doctor recheck this next week and to see if/when we can do some kind of surgery to be done with ankle problems forever 🙂 I have two big races later in the year that I am literally praying I don’t have to miss. I am already missing what would have been my first 50k next week, but I did get a pass for entry next year and skipping the lottery! The Gorge Waterfalls 50k. I will just cheer everyone on this year 🙂 For now I am going to run as much as I can (without causing too much pain to myself) and am hoping for lots of sunny runs like this one ahead:

The rest of today is going to be spent lounging around and seeing Beauty and the Beast. I am so stoked! I have been waiting to see this movie for months! Beauty and the Beast was my second favorite Disney movie growing up. First was The Lion King, of course.

Have a great Sunday everyone!