Take me back to the WEEKEND: Crossfit, Farmers Market & Beer.

I feel like the older I get the faster my weekends go. I make a conscious effort during the week to find something I enjoy about each day because I don’t want to look back in 10 years and only remember wishing my weeks away waiting for the weekend. I LOVE my weekends, but the weekdays are special, too.

Saturday morning I woke up and met my friend AshLee at her crossfit gym for a team workout. This was my first official crossfit gym experience. We warmed up with a 400 meter jog and then some stretching. After that the coach explained the WOD to us. It went like this: 1000 meter run and then alternating rounds of 5 squat cleans, 5 push-ups and 40 double unders (I modified and did normal single jump ropes because I am too uncoordinated to do a double under, haha). We did that 20 times. TWENTY. After that we had to finish with 50 synchronized burpees over the barbell. The 50 burpees were KILLER. We were both dying at the end. What a FUN workout though! My entire body was so sore the next day. My shoulders ended up with some bruises. A good workout, right?


The rest of Saturday was pretty low key and involved watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, eating Chinese food and having some brewskies. One of my favorite kinds of Saturdays.


Sunday morning I did not work out because I was too sore. We decided to walk to the farmers market a little later in the morning. It was SO COLD. We only lasted for a stroll down and back through the market before we ducked into a cute little burger shop for lunch.My burger was so good. It had caramelized onions and apples with a horseradish sauce. Mmmmm. Afterwards we headed to Kyle’s restaurant, The Kiss Cafe, to work on my beer list. Kiss Cafe has four large coolers full of canned and bottled beer from all over the United States. If you drink 100 beers in a year you are on their Ballard Drinking Team. I had two beers to go on Sunday! I finished and became a Ballard Drinking Team Member! If you like good beer you can imagine this is a fun challenge. I get a custom engraved glass with a quote of my choice. I decided on “Life is BREWtiful.” I am so excited to get my glass!


That’s the weekend in a nutshell! Sometimes a nice low key weekend is just what the doctor ordered. Next weekend my little brother, mom and aunt are coming into town so we will be busy doing all sorts of fun tourist things.

Lastly, today is exactly ONE week until I can run again. Needless to say, I am counting down the days. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Very Rainy Sunday Funday

Yesterday was an unusual Sunday because my boyfriend, Kyle, woke up quite sick. We took it easy in the morning and watched Star Wars. We have been making our way from the “beginning.” We started with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I haven’t watched the movies “in order” before so I have really been enjoying this. We recently finished all of the Indiana Jones series as well and I loved seeing that from the start!

After the movie Kyle went to nap and I decided to head over to Discovery Park to take a long walk. If you’ll notice the name of my blog is “Emerald City Runner” and you might be wondering – walking? Doesn’t she run? The answer to that is a most definite YES, I love to run! However, I am currently dealing with a chronic ankle problem and my doctor told me to take it easy until we can figure out what is wrong. I have been working out in the gym and cycling for a few weeks and I was dying to be outside today. I walked about 4 miles around Discovery Park in the pouring rain and it was glorious. I tried to focus on having a good time being outside rather than getting angry and jealous when other runners passed by. “This is just for now, not forever” I kept telling myself. This has been my favorite mantra lately. I CANNOT WAIT to get back to running, but in the meantime I can stay active and know that I am trying to fix my body to come back as a stronger runner, rather than wearing my ankle down day after day and being in pain. I would really like to still be able to walk when I’m 50 ๐Ÿ˜‰

After my walk I headed to the grocery store for ingredients for a recipe from the book Run Fast Eat Slow. I made the Flu Fighter Chicken and Rice Stew (I used quinoa rather than rice). It was smelling amazing! I also made a dairy free blueberry loaf for Kyle because baked goods always make me feel better and I thought it would make Kyle feel better, too. He loves any pastry that has blueberries so I think this will be perfect. It also smells fantastic! Everything was delicious!

I would really like to start blogging daily and am going to try my best to get into the habit. I have always been that person who wants to have a journal to look back on and read later and show my future kids, etc, etc, but I have never been able to stick to pen and paper. I figured – why not try a blog?! This is fun and I can add pictures. I doubt anyone will start reading except my boyfriend (although if my dog could read I am POSITIVE he would follow religiously).

I have a doctors appointment in a few days to have another steroid injection done in my ankle, but I am going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask if we can do a new scan he suggested before that (since I would then have to wait 4 weeks after the injection to have the scan). I am happy to have the injection if he thinks that is best, but I would like them to take another look (I have had two MRIs and countless x-rays) with this new scan and see if they can get a better idea of what is wrong. The Chicago Marathon is in October and it will also be my 30th birthday month (UGH) and I have my heart set on that race more than I can convey in words. I already had to stop training for a trail 50k because of my ankle. The 4 other steroid injections I’ve had have been band-aids and only cease the pain temporarily. Hopefully I can get the scan first. Then once I get the steroid injection I can start running again, but really only until the steroid wears off. Fingers and toes crossed over here the scan shows something obvious and that can be fixed. For now, here is a recent race photo! I placed third woman and PR’d in a 10k. This was a good day. ๐Ÿ™‚